Scott Broomfield


Scott Broomfield is an industry executive with 30 years of legal, government and international affairs experience. Scott works directly with U.S Veterans, Civilian Contractors and their families who were injured as a result of weapons supplied or financed by terrorist states. Many veterans and Civilian Contractors sustained mental and physical impairments between 2003-2011, and 2020 as a result of drone attacks, explosive devices including IEDs, EFPs, IRAMs, and are now eligible for compensation from the Anti-Terrorism Litigation Fund. Any veteran, service member, or civilian contractor injured due to the efforts of terrorists between 2003 and 2011 or the 2020 attacks may be eligible to file a claim for compensation. Scott works with these injured heroes and their families to ensure a lawsuit is filed to recover for the injuries and pain and suffering that may have occurred many years ago.