Matthew “Matt” Rolla


Matt is a lawyer that exclusively works on Defense Base Act (DBA) and longshoreman cases. Garfinkel Schwartz clients are delighted and surprised by Matt’s friendliness – but our clients are never surprised by the great communication and terrific results Matt has delivered. Matt, like all the lawyers at Garfinkel Schwartz is humble, kind and loyal. Matt has no problem “getting his hands dirty” and working hard for his clients.

Matt can relate to many of our clients who have worked translating, truck driving, in security and in construction. Matt is very familiar with these clients because he worked those jobs. When a client gets hurt Matt works tirelessly to get the insurance company to pay for all medical bills and money owed to our clients.

Matt attended Notre Dame University, a famous Catholic University and graduated with Honors from Florida State College of Law. Matt began his legal career serving as an Assistant Public Defender in West Palm Beach, Florida. While there, he achieved a number of notable wins for his clients, including successfully challenging the constitutionality of a state law based on 1st Amendment grounds.

Matt has extensive international legal experience representing DBA clients all over the world and also living and working in the European Union. Matt is an excellent DBA Lawyer and works together with a big team of lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants at the oldest DBA and Law Firm- Garfinkel Schwartz.