Nydia Wallace


Nydia was raised in California. Her mother and father are Guatemalan immigrants. Her dad is a pastor who assists immigrants who migrated from South America to the United States. As a child, she developed a strong understanding of the challenges people faced when English was not their primary language. Nydia was inspired to become an attorney at a very young age. Her mother was going through an immigration proceeding and was hours away from being deported. Nydia was only 7 years old during this proceeding and felt incredibly distressed and helpless for her mother. Since this moment, Nydia developed an interest for amplifying the voice of the voiceless. During her youth, Nydia and her dad assisted the newly arriving immigrants find attorneys, shelter and food.

Nydia Wallace is now an attorney for the Law Firm of Garfinkel Schwartz. Prior to becoming a member of the Florida Bar in 2021, Nydia served as a civil litigation paralegal for 3 years. Nydia was also selected to intern with an Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Judge in the Juvenile Dependency Division, where she observed the judicial procedure of such cases. Subsequently, she represented clients in immigration proceedings at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and in Immigration Court. Nydia’s personal journey and involvement in our community has inspired her to provide hope to our clients who many times feel defeated, forgotten or abandoned. Nydia is hard working, responsive, detail-oriented and passionate about helping our clients.