Christina Tapia


After years of working directly with our DBA Clients and ensuring their legal papers are pristinely submitted, Cristina was promoted to Paraprofessional Manager at Garfinkel Schwartz. Cristina supervises most of the paralegals and legal assistants in the law firm to make sure our clients receive the medical care and money our clients are entitled to receive.

On her free time, Cristina enjoys traveling around the world and embraces the diverse cultures and cuisines she experiences along the way. Prior to beginning her employment in the legal field, Cristina focused her energy on studying and learning about human societies, religion and changes in development over time. Her studies concentrated on understanding human behavior and encouraged critical thinking skills that led Cristina in developing innovative problem-solving techniques. In 2017, Cristina earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology from the University of Central Florida. In 2017, Cristina began working as a legal assistant where she provided outstanding contributions to our legal teams with remarkable efficiency. In 2022, Cristina became a Florida Registered Paralegal and was promoted to a Paralegal. Cristina’s deep love for travel, combined with her education, strong communication, critical thinking and research skills help her provide specialized care for each client that is culture-sensitive. Her goal is to continue assisting each client at Garfinkel Schwartz receive the treatment and benefits deserved regardless of where our clients live around the world.