Non-Appropriated Funds Act

Hi, I’m Brian Wiklendt and today I want to talk to you about Non-Appropriated Funds Act.

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Non-Military Personnel Who Get Hurt on a U.S. Base

I’m here to talk to you today about an act that most people are not familiar with, because it may apply to you if you work on a military base as a civilian. They call it the Non-Appropriated Funds Act which is very obviously technical sounding. Basically, it’s an offshoot of the Longshore Act. In addition, the attorney’s fees are all the same and the benefits are all the same. It just simply applies to people who work on military bases with the government in the United States. If something happens to them, they do not get military help, they do not get VA help.

This Act covers the following jobs

An example would be any support staff on a military base for the government, that would be, repairing helicopters, gassing up planes, or cooking at the local military base complex cafeteria. They could be sweepers or they could be cleaners. They could be overnight security-type people where the military’s not involved and you have private security on the military base. Or, you could actually be a hairstylist on the base. It’s any of those types of people who are non-military people working on a military base. The reason why this law covers you is because you are actually working in a place that the Federal Government owns.

Injured on These U.S. Military Locations?

So, if you’re in any type of military annex, what I would call a base or a fort, part of an air force establishment, part of an airport, or something that is militarily owned, the Non-Appropriated Funds Act covers you.

Many people, including many lawyers, are unaware of this. They attempt to use the state system, specifically the state workers’ compensation system. It becomes disorganized and jumbled. You’re going to find out sooner or later. As a result, there may be a significant amount of time, money, and resources wasted.

Therefore, to be safe, if you work on a military establishment or somewhere that’s owned by the United States in the United States, in case an injury happens to you, you should call and we can sort that out for you. We find out what type of coverage you have and if you have this type of Federal coverage. Usually, it is much better than state workers’ compensation laws. And that’s basically because you’re afforded that type of federal protection as a person who works outside of a state in the United States.

Please Call an Attorney–Don’t Wait

In other words, if you don’t call me, call an attorney that you think might have enough qualifications to understand these federal laws, The Non-Appropriated Funds Act. Some of my friends who are lawyers, even they have not heard of this.

Just please know your rights before you even seek the initial treatment because starting off down the wrong road just causes all kinds of problems for you, for your medical providers, and for the ultimate value of your case. With this in mind, right up front if you start this stuff when it happens and it doesn’t hurt you in any way. Again this is Brian Wiklendt in our Cocoa Beach, office for Garfinkel Schwartz. We go anywhere and everywhere to help people across the United States. Please don’t hesitate to call and thank you for your time.